Virgin Coconut Oil has been mechanically pressed from coconuts, and is not refined, bleached or deodourised. It's a highly dynamic 100% unrefined and organic oil that can be used as a skin care treatment or as a cooking oil – and of course, due to its amazing effectiveness in both fields we recommend that you do use it on both your skin and to cook with.

Supply of premium cooking oil. Our cooking oil has a longer life span, it withstands high temperatures (roasting, frying and baking)…and the most important part is that it’s endorsed by THE HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA.

Our pulses, seeds, peas, beans are among the best quality around. We offer a full range of specialty product for targets, human consumption and animal nutrition, everyone with its own international quality standards.


We are the specialists in Dried Nuts and Dried Fruits serving the market with unmatched quality products. We offer a wide variety of choice grade products. We provide ingredients solutions to manufacturing and confectionery industries.

We offer only the finest Seafood which is sourced both locally and abroad, enabling us to offer an unparalleled range of products to meet the needs of our exacting customers. Whether live, fresh or frozen, each category has its own procurement, storage and delivery needs around which we design our systems in order to maintain optimum quality. 

Goat’s milk is the only real alternative to Cow’s Milk and second best to Mother’s milk.Milk from non-genetically manipulated Goats is a source of high quality amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Goats’ milk in particular contains powerful immune-globuli, boosting the immune system.

TLT Nutritional yeast is full of natural cheesy/ nutty flavour, plus it's an amazing vegan-friendly source of protein, B vitamins and folic acid. This is the perfect solution for vegans who need a flavour-filled cheese substitute in their diet, and a great source of those hard-to-find nutrients.

Packed at the peak of ripeness to capture the fresh flavour and essential nutrients your family craves. The Del Monte name has been synonymous with premium food. For generations, the brand has proudly earned its reputation with a series of innovations and a singular dedication to quality.

One of the most popular cheeses of the Middle East, Akawi offers a mild salty taste and semi-soft texture. And Naboulsi, a type of briny cheese, has a salty taste accented with the mild peppery flavor of black nigella seeds. With its tofu-like texture, the cheese holds up well to pan-searing.

Crio Brü’s various varieties all have a taste uniquely their own. Because Crio Brü is roasted and brewed, it has the consistency, roasted flavor and complexity of a fine coffee, yet because it is made with cocoa beans, its primary flavors are chocolaty. Just as with coffee, sweetener and creamer can be added to taste, or drink it black for an intensely flavorful, low-calorie hot drink.

Palm kernel oil, which is extracted from the nut, or kernel, palm kernel oil is that it is completely free of cholesterol, which is not the case with animal-based fats like butter. Due to the cholesterol-free nature of vegetable-based oils and margarines, like palm kernel oil, there has been some speculation that these types of oils and fats are healthier than butter

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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